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Companies will request a high-end executive search firm to perform a retained search when they are looking to fill a senior position. Retained searches are especially beneficial in finding qualified candidates for CFO (Chief Financial Officer) positions. A search firm acts as an extension of its client and is an impartial agent between client and candidate. Retained search exists to focus on the singular task of supplying candidates for specific positions, such as CFO’s. The retained search firm seeks out the highest quality candidates to best match the needs of our clients.


Implementing a retained search approach will increase the company’s chance of finding the right CFO and save time and the incremental cost associated with the loss of time. Distinguishing the client’s exact need will eliminate any confusion by also helping save the most time while finding the best CFO to fit into the company. The bottom line is that retained searches save time, money, and resources.


Meticulously researching the CFO position is essential for seeking considerable CFO candidates. Most clients place a strong understanding of their operations at the top of their list, along with qualifying skills. Larger industrial companies are currently creating new positions for finance professionals. Retained search firms understand the requirements demanded by manufacturing organizations. With scrutiny and sharpness, retained searches focus on the best CFO candidates.


Fostering and maintaining relationships with senior-level candidates, like CFOs, throughout the recruitment process is crucial for success. Companies rely on Search Firms to separate the exceptional from the average performer. It is the recruiter’s job to provide regular feedback to management on any issue about a potential CFO’s candidacy. Retained search firms exclusively recruit senior-level employees and each candidate is only presented to one client at a time to make it easier to secure the best candidate.