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When searching for a new role, or new opportunity, it’s important to remain focused on what will suit you and your experience. You should make a list from the outset of roles that you are interested in, or areas you would like to move into. Also ensure that you pick a long-term goal, a role you see yourself in five years down the road. Set out a road map on how to get to that destination. Over time, some people lose this focus. These people can become mindless job zombies, applying for roles that don’t suit them or roles that are not at their level of experience, with the result being a disappointment after not being brought forward for an interview. Over time, this zombie-like behavior can hinder your motivation and drive and lead to a wrong career choice or a negative feeling about the market.


It can be discouraging to find a new role or opportunity. The key is to be positive and to keep believing that your work history will catch someone’s eye. Eventually, someone will come across your resume and they will like what they see. It takes a lot to get a zombie down; they just keep getting up and trying again! So even if you’ve applied to dozens of jobs, keep trying. Do not stop until you get what you want. You never know, the next resume you send out could be the one that gets picked! Similarly, the zombies that stand out are the ones that get what they want. Having a friendly, bubbly personality may help a company distinguish you from the other candidates seeking the same job opportunities. So spruce up that resume and connect with our recruiters! We will help you stand out and boost the motivation you need to keep trekking on!