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FALL IS HERE!!! The changing seasons bring millions of temporary jobs. Temp jobs are increasing in popularity year after year and so is the competition for these jobs. Workers must be selected and trained in advance as the holiday season approaches. Job seekers looking for work through the year-end holidays need to start their search as early as September or October.

One of the ideal ways for a job seeker to find a seasonal job is through a staffing service. Employers who need extra help engage staffing services to supplement their hiring needs. While the need is urgent, the protocol of testing, interviewing and placing eligible job candidates with an employer is still mandatory. This process is meant to move swiftly since the goal is to successfully fill all positions of need.


Don’t delay in applying for seasonal work. Many companies begin their holiday hiring cycle in early October, because they need to allow time for hiring and training process to be completed before seasonal workers are allowed “on the floor”. Have your skills, resume, references and employment documentation in order and ready to go. You don’t want to stall the process in any way or be counted out because there are proficiency or administrative items pending.


If your goal is to secure seasonal work, being flexible is a huge advantage. Doing something outside your comfort zone may turn into a learning and rewarding experience. Let the staffing service know what days and times you’re available. If you can work weekends, evenings, or overtime, be sure to make that readily known. These times tend to be less desirable for most people, so this type of flexibility can give you a competitive advantage.


Treat any seasonal work with the same attitude you would a full-time job and you’ll be sure to impress any potential employer. If you go into a temporary job with a negative mindset, you’re only sabotaging your own ability to get the job done right. They can and will take you off an assignment and you will be replaced if they do not like what they see. Remember, this extends to any customers you assist while on the job. You never know who they are, and how they could turn around and help you. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and a positive attitude goes a long way in impressing both customers and supervisors. Chances are that the company you are with will be seeking more temporary help in the future, and those who exceed expectations will always be first to be called back. They might even want to bring you on full-time. Think of your temporary service as a gateway to future employment opportunities.