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​Every holiday season, companies increase their staff in order to accommodate the increase in traffic. Companies are looking for new people around the new year. Manufacturing jobs seek temporary work and give extra hours around the holidays. This is a busy travel time of the year and companies need the extra help while current employees are going away for the holidays. The best time to apply yourself is now!


The job description is what candidates are attracted to when applying for jobs posted by executive search agencies. Providing an honest and accurate job description will ensure your company finds, attracts and hires the right candidate for the position. The job seekers want your job descriptions to include all the responsibilities and expectations the position will entail, the salary, as well as the benefits and values of the company. These are important to include in your job descriptions in order to avoid wasting your time recruiting and hiring the wrong candidates, along with the candidates’ time when applying for the position.


More temp agencies and companies are transitioning to mobile and social media channels to appeal to the needs of candidates. Social media and mobile capabilities provide job seekers an option to discover more about the company and a simple way to apply for jobs. Providing your candidates with the ability to apply for jobs online won’t benefit your company unless you ensure the application process is simple and short. If a job application is too long or complicated, you run the chances of creating a poor candidate experience and losing top talent because they quit filling out the application. It is important to keep the online applications short and executive recruiters should only be asking questions that are needed this early on in the recruiting process.


The number one frustration candidates have when applying for jobs is the lack of feedback they receive from the employers. You could lose a really good candidate entirely, such as a Pharmaceutical CFO, if you are not following up with them in a timely manner. Around this time of year, there is no time to waste! No one likes to be ignored and not responding to candidates will only hurt you in the long run by creating a negative candidate experience. Providing feedback to candidates will not only improve the overall candidate experience, but it will also improve the quality of hires. Communicating with your candidates on a regular basis can be done by generating reminders for yourself and sending out email campaigns based on where they are in the recruiting or hiring process.


Just because a candidate that applied for a position wasn’t the best fit, doesn’t mean they won’t be a good fit for another position in the future. The candidate’s experience doesn’t end when you decide not to hire them. Maintaining a relationship with candidates can reduce stress and time, but overall it will help you exercise your communication skills and keep you in touch with great candidates that you may be able to help fit elsewhere. Building your talent pool will provide easy access whenever you need to hire new candidates for a position. You can create yourself weekly reminders for times to speak with candidates and then follow up with any changes in an opportunity that your candidate is looking for.