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Employee Spotlight

Ajulia Executive Search  Employee Spotlight  Katherine Ramos
about 2 years ago by Katherine Ramos

I signed on with the promise of learning the industry, establishing a career, and working
may way up the ranks. I brushed it off as a sales tactic – something you’re
told – until my second week and a colleague had just returned from a trip to
Asia and another two were about to set off to Europe. I couldn’t help but be
impressed and intrigued at the notion of not only having the financial ability
but work flexibility to leave mid-September for weeks at a time.  I was instantly sold.

I joined as an administrative assistant and as such am fortunate enough to have experienced
Ajulia Executive Search from every angle. I wrote to various companies securing
and negotiating contracts. I scoured over job descriptions and learned which
qualities were important to various industries and which career paths offered
the biggest incomes. I felt more than ready to transition into the role of
Account Executive – Recruiter

I quickly found that I was thrust into the big leagues. This industry is not for the
faint of heart. You will be yelled at. You will be blamed.  You will be
told “No” more times than not, hung up on, lied to and led on.  If you don’t have a thick skin this is not
for you. But if you’re lucky, like I was – you have an amazing team of management,
training and peers that are not only supportive but willing to guide and mentor
you every step of the way.

Nine months later and that promise of success and career growth has been met.  I have been honored with employee of the
Month (March 2018), Social Media Engagement Winner (Most Positive Reviews), and
have even been invited to assist my amazing training manager with the
development of incoming Account Executives.

I have helped place over 30 candidates into their new careers and I am so excited to
see what it is that I will accomplish in the coming years with Ajulia Executive