Danny – AKORN Pharmaceuticals

I have found Ajulia Executive Search to always go the extra mile to find the best talent for their clients. They listen, learn, and understand their clients’ needs, culture, and match the people to the company.

Thomas – Closure Systems International

Nothing short of amazing! Ajulia Executive Search has been my go-to for nearly 2 years. My company has received amazing candidates from Kareen and Charles. The candidates have produced well and fit in perfect. Ajulia takes the time to understand the business, the culture, and the professional need. This isn’t not a company that just […]

Martina, Integra Life Sciences

Best company for all your hiring needs! They have consistently found the best candidates faster than any other firm we’ve ever used! Thank you Ajulia for all your work!

Melissa, Human Resources Director – Kleen Test Products

The Ajulia team has consistently outperformed other recruiting partners by finding candidates for a variety of positions, when everyone else says there are none. The team is responsive and proactive, and never lets anything fall through the cracks. I feel I can rely on the Ajulia team to look through candidates and send us only […]