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We employ thousands of engineers every year, connecting them with companies across a wide range of industries. Our skilled professionals range from drafters and engineers to managers, each enjoying a variety of opportunities to advance their careers. We partner with each candidate to ensure the opportunity is aligned with their unique career goals.

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We employ thousands of administrative, support. clerks and even C- level executives every year, connecting them with companies across every industry. Our professionals range from administrative and executive support, human resources, data entry, benefits administration, sales, marketing, purchasing and more. 

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We employ thousands of accounting and finance professionals every year, connecting them with companies across a wide range of industries. Our skilled professionals range from accounts payable and receivable to collections, banking and even CFO's, each enjoying a variety of opportunities to advance their careers. We partner with each candidate to ensure the opportunity is aligned with their unique career goals.

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Our healthcare professionals are skilled at case management, medical care management, medical review and related roles in settings such as hospitals, clinics, private homes and schools. Some positions involve prescribed medical treatment. Explore the openings below and partner with Ajulia to find the healthcare job that’s right for you.

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No matter what stage in your IT career, you want to connect with innovation driving the latest trends, such as cloud computing, business intelligence, collaboration, and mobility. With a specialized focus in IT, we connect qualified and talented IT professionals with information technology jobs, across the newest technologies in virtually every area of IT across all vertical industries.

If you have exceptional people skills and prefer the hustle and bustle of big conferences or seminars over quiet desk work, then a flexible and fast paced job in marketing may be the right fit for you. Ajulia places all kinds of marketing professionals from grad students to senior level executives, we can work with you.

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We support thousands of hiring managers throughout the United States. Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to government, agencies, mid-sized to small locally owned firms across many industries, including manufacturing and operations, production, supply chain, energy distribution, transportation and warehouse. We offer temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct placement opportunities, we partner with each job seeker to ensure the opportunity is aligned with their unique career goals.

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Our pharmaceutical candidates are skilled at preparing reference and impurity standards, monitoring usage and testing of raw materials, formulations, troubleshooting and resolving production issues, performing a variety of analyses and preparing proper documentation. Explore the openings below and partner with Ajulia to find the job that’s right for you.

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A little bit about us

Ajulia Executive Search specializes in seeking quality candidates for top companies in their respective fields. We have been serving clients for over 30 years and have established a reputation for providing quality service, opportunity and client satisfaction.
Combined, our team of Account Executives has over 100 years experience in network– based recruiting. We provide services that help companies build professional functional teams that enable productivity and profitability. Ajulia Executive Search provides customized services to leading companies in the Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Legal, Finance, and Manufacturing industries.

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  • Kareen
  • Edna
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  • ​Ajulia Executive Search is a leading dynamic recruiting firm filled with talented recruiters. This company works hard to get the right candidate for their clients needs and the right client for their candidate's requirements. They are extremely accessible and many of the recruiters work around the clock until the job is done. I highly recommend partnering with Ajulia to meet whatever your recruiting needs are.


  • Your genuine concern in making sure I do my best helped on multiple levels. Unquestionably it helped me perform in the interview environment and contributed to me obtaining the offer


  • Ajulia Executive Search Account Executives always delivered, and I was impressed with their success and work effort. Ajulia Executive Search is an excellent firm to work with and I know they will bring success to your recruiting efforts. 

    Brad F

  • I have found Ajulia Executive Search to always go the extra mile to find the best talent for their clients. They listen, learn, and understand their clients' needs, culture, and match the people to the company. 


  • Nothing short of amazing! Ajulia Executive Search has been my go-to for nearly 2 years. My company has received A-Mazing candidates from Kareen and Charles. The candidates have produced well and fit in perfect. Ajulia takes the time to understand the business, the culture, and the professional need. This isn't not a company that just 'finds you a job' or, from my perspective, "throws resumes/candidates at you.' They take the time to listen and understand the needs of employer and the potential employee. I recommend highly!


  • Best Company for all your hiring needs! They have consistently found the best candidates faster than any other firm we've ever used! Thank you Ajulia for all your work!


  • ​Thanks to the efforts of Rachel T, I received and accepted an offer as a Senior Credit Analyst.  I have worked with other recruiters in the past, but Rachel apparently has better or more effective sales skills, as this is the first time when working through a recruiter that I have received a job offer. Whatever her methods, I can certainly validate that they are effective. My thanks to Rachel and your entire organization.

    Jeff N.

  • Provided me with a job quick with no problems, no hassles, no run arounds, no beating around the bush. Even though I worked with the company as a temp, they made everything really easy and fast. Thank you Karen and tema Ajulia!


  • ​I had an awesome experience with Katherine Ramos. She got me a position quickly and kept me informed on all the next steps during the process of applying. Even when she wasn't in the office, I could get in contact with her. She was very professional and had a great attitude!


  • ​I recently secured a full-time position with tremendous assistance from Tanya Valles. During our initial conversation, Ms. Valles took the time to get to know me and ensured that my professional background was the right fit for the position. She worked closely with me to not only prepare me for the interviews but also provided ongoing support in the selection process. She was professional and friendly at the same time and always encouraging. She really took the time to walk me through the application, interview and final selection process and was the idea liaison between myself and the employer. I highly recommend Ms. Valles in helping you secure the ideal position.


  • ​I didn't think that my experience would qualify me for the kind of position I dreamed of. Working with Ajulia, they guided me to getting all the certifications I needed and advocated for my experience that qualified me for my dream career! Without them I would not have even tried. Thank you Richard for all your guidance. He really has his candidates best interest in heart.


  • Wanted to share some feedback on your tremendous assistance with the Managerial position you helped me secure. I found out about the position on one of the executive job websites. I sent in my resume to the addressee who was Richard Onque. Richard contacted me with a positive confirmation of receipt of my resume and the on-going process for placement. Richard provided me with useful information and insight about LSI and the type of leader they were looking for to join the team. Richard also provided me with the key points about the role and the changes that were occurring within company. He also emphasized the point that my previous experiences and background were an excellent match with LSI. Richard Onque has been the best contact and the right contact for me. And I would give the highest recommendation for the assistance, service and professionalism demonstrated by Richard. 


  • I Robert Jones would like to thank Ajulia Executive.. For giving me the opportunity to work for this company.. And I would like to thank the staff Peggy ,Molly & Richard.. What a great Staff!!


Why use Us

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    Reduce Time to Hire

    We provide a data driven approach to hiring. With 24/7 customer support and a digital tracking system; every step of the hiring process is streamlined so we can get people to work faster.

    Hire Now
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    Increase Quality of Candidate

    We take the time to listen and understand your business. Our industry-specific account executives and sales managers, combined with our access to the best talent, ensure that we locate, screen and place only the most qualified employees.

    Find Quality Candidates
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    Lower Cost to Hire

    We take the guesswork out of hiring. Our industry experts provide the most up to date analytics on costs of hiring, training and growing your company. We even offer a variety of in house services so you can focus on managing the business and accomplishing your company goals

    Hire for Less
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    Proven Success

    We have over 30 years and over 4000 consistent clients that have started, grown and continue to partner with Ajulia. By listening to our clients’ business needs and utilizing the knowledge of our subject experts, we have gained a unique perspective into how we can help.

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