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Executive recruiters search for candidates to fill open manufacturing jobs, such as VP of Engineering or Manufacturing Plant Manager. This requires executive search agencies to spend valuable time and resources. Why not make it easier for executive recruiters to find and hire you? Skills and experience matter, especially for positions like Manufacturing Plant Manager, but a candidate who is knowledgeable about the company and is highly engaged is a must-hire. Your number one goal as a job seeker should be standing out from the crowd.


It is foolish to send your resume to a company you don’t know much about. That is not the way to begin an executive job search. Do your homework! Read news articles and view companies’ websites and social media platforms to get a sense of what they stand for. Click around on Google to read about executives who work there; Look for comments from employees, whether they are Forklift Operators or Manufacturing CFO. Be sure to look for red flags like recent lay-offs, public scandals, or public uncertainty. Read employees’ feedback on perks and benefits like PTO, health insurance, and professional development. Do this to get a holistic view of the companies you’re interested in. Do not cross a company off your list because of one red flag or corporate mistake. This does not necessarily point to poor company culture.


After performing a corporate search and narrowing down the list of companies that interest you, diving into the company mission/culture. From here, you’ll be able to dig into what you should highlight from your work history in order to present yourself as a perfect fit for this company. Show the value you’re bringing to the table by front-loading accomplishments and then describing how each was achieved with numbers/facts. Showcase transferable and strong skills, such as leadership if you were a Manufacturing Plant Manager. Your soft skills should be listed afterward, such as problem-solving skills, but they are equally important. Pharmaceutical executive recruiters will find your specified talents in a retained search. Customizing your resume to the job and the company is key.


Search interview questions and get insights into the exact questions executive recruiters and hiring managers at your ideal company will ask. Oftentimes you can browse interview questions that are asked of candidates applying to the role that you are. Preparing in advance will prevent last-minute cramming and get the wheels turning in your mind about the specific examples of excellence you want to share. Executive search firms provide crucial information to learn more about the interview experiences of others and offer insights into what the company is really like.

Now is the time to start living the life you’ve always wanted with a job you love. Learning the company, making your resume stand out, and preparing for the interview before you even get one are the best first few steps in job searching. If you have these steps down, you’re already ahead of most job seekers in the right direction. Our executive search firm agency is here to help every step of the way!